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How to Cut Costs on Top Expenses and Maximize Your Savings

Why You Should Travel After Graduation

Meet the Lacken Sisters! They coordinated their college graduation trips together and spent six months traveling in Latin America! Elizabeth and Katherine discuss their budget, trip highlights and why you should travel!

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How to Find the Time to Travel

The great paradox of life is the relationship between time and money. An abundance of one usually leads to a shortage of the other. I’ve talked about money in previous posts. Now, let’s chat about TIME. Here’s four ways to carve out a few weeks or a year to travel!

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The Real Cost of Iceland: Budget & Packing Tips

In the final part of my Iceland series, I breakdown the cost of my 10-day trip complete with a colorful graph! I discuss all the details of traveling in Iceland including when to go, what to pack, rental cars and budget tips!

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