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South America Diaries: Volume 1

Since I’m on the road for all of 2018, I’ll be starting a short-term journal series about life on the road starting with the South American Diaries. Check out the first edition about life in Buenos Aires including getting stuck in an elevator & joining locals for an asado (barbecue)!

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What It’s Like To Live In A Camper

In this week’s Travel Tuesday Interview, I chat with travel photographer Whitney Tressel about camper life. Eight months ago, she left her life in NYC to live in a camper and travel full-time. Here is what it’s REALLY like to live on the road…

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My Next BIG Adventure

My New Year’s resolution is always the same: travel more. I’m LITERALLY spending all of 2018 on the road. Life’s too short to not to do the things that make you feel alive. Check out my itinerary, the balance of my bank account and all the details in the post!

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