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How to Work in Antarctica

In this week’s Travel Tuesday Interview, I chat with Antarctica expert Mark Walsh. Mark has worked in Antarctica five seasons and dishes all the details about living on the continent. He also shares a link to his FREE ebook about working on “the ice.”

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Cuba 101: What You Need to Know

In this week’s Travel Tuesday Interview, Cuba expert Ramze Suliman discusses the cost travel in Cuba, safety & how Americans can visit legally.. He’s is the author of two books about the country.

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Interview with a NYC Expert

In this week’s Travel Tuesday Interview, I chat with native New Yorker Jennifer O’Brien, blogger and founder of the She shares her favorite restaurants and the best secret spots in the city along with a few budget tips!

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Travel Tips from a Flight Attendant

In this week’s Travel Tuesday Interview, I chat with Delta flight attendant Madison Chase about life as a flight attendant, dealing with jet lag and his favorite places to visit. He also talks about his favorite adventures and things to pack! (Plus, his photos are amazing!)

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Why You Should Travel After Graduation

Meet the Lacken Sisters! They coordinated their college graduation trips together and spent six months traveling in Latin America! Elizabeth and Katherine discuss their budget, trip highlights and why you should travel!

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Interview with an Iceland Expert

Alabama native James McDaniel booked a flight to Iceland on a whim. He fell in love, moved to Reykjavik and has been living there for the past three years. The expat explains his journey, offers tips for traveling in Iceland and his favorite places to visit!

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